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The Museum Library

Library – From the Latin liber meaning “book” is a collection or group of collections of books and/or other materials organized and maintained for use (reading, consultation, study, research, etc.).

About The Library

Phephile Tshabangu
Phephile Tshabangu

Situated in the Mezzanine floor of the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe is an information resource bank (a library).

It is a special library that houses mostly scientific and historical materials, mainly in the form of books and journals.

It gives its users the opportunity to discover Zimbabwe’s past and present as well as experience the country’s cultural and natural heritage. The library boasts of a collection of over 1100 journal titles, over 5500 books, newspaper articles, reprints and pamphlets.


Also available in the collection are journals published by the National Museums and Monument of Zimbabwe.

Current publications include Arnoldia Zimbabwe (under Services in the menu), Syntarsus, Zimbabwea and Report on Environmental Youth Symposiums. Other publications include Occasional Papers of the National Museums and Monuments, Kariba Studies, Cookea, Museum Memoirs, Guide to Rats and Mice of Rhodesia, the Fishes of Zimbabwe, Arachnids Information Sheets, Matobo Hills a Guide, Zimbabwe Wild Flowers as well as Guide to Waterfowl of Rhodesia.

These are the materials we exchange with our exchange partners.


Although it is a special library, the Natural History Museum Library is open to researchers from all walks of life at no charge. The reason being to observe Ranganathan’s 5 laws of Library Science that say:

  1. Books are for use. (Maximise the use of books)
  2. Every reader has his (or her) book. (The reader is the prime factor and his/her need must be satisfied).
  3. Every book its reader. (Find a reader for every book).
  4. Save the time of the reader. (Organise information in such a way that the reader finds the wanted information promptly).
  5. The library is a growing organism. (Emphasis is on comprehensive and evolutionary growth).

Opening Times

The library opens at 9am to 4 pm every Monday to Friday. The library is closed on public holidays. Weekend research can be arranged through the office of the Regional Director.

Contact Us

The library is seeking to have relations with other libraries. Contact us on:


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the scope of the collection?

The library houses scientific and historical collections of books.

How do I join the library?

On arrival, a user fills in a bona fide form, specifying the period of research.

What is the subscription or borrowing fee?

Our documents are used within the library walls for free.

Is food allowed in the reading rooms?

No edibles are allowed.

What is the minimum age for using the library?

There are no specific age requirements.


How many books can I borrow per time?

Unlimited number.

Can I access online resources from home?

Not yet.

Does your library have printing and photocopying services?

Yes, the library offers printing and photocopying services.

How can I find out which items are provided by the National History Museum library?

You can visit our website and browse the collection booklist.