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Arnoldia - Vol 9

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9 (1)1980 HILLS D.M. & SMITHERS R.H.N. The “King Cheetah” a historical review. 1-23p

The aberrant form of the cheetah known as the “King Cheetah” is characterised by possession of softer,longer and silkier hair and partial replacement of normal spots by bars. Specimens have … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(2) 1980 PINHEY E. A review of the Metacnemis group (Odonata : Platycnemididae). p1-13

Mesocnemis Karsch, hitherto distinguished from Metacnemis Selys only on the position of the arculus, sometimes a variable feature, was placed by some authors in synonymy. The two taxa can now … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(3) 1980 COOPER M.R. The first record of the Prosauropod dinosaur Euskelosaurus from Zimbabwe. p1-17

Euskelesaurus cf. browni Huxley is reported from the Mpandi Formation of the Karoo succession in the Limpopo valley and firmly dates this red-bed sequence as late Triassic (probably Norian). This … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(4) 1981 PINHEY E. Two interesting species of Aeshna Fabricius from Zambia (Odonata Aeshnidae). p61-68

Aeshna moori n.sp is described and the male of Aeshna wittei is described from specimens collected in North Mwinilunga Province Zambia

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(5) 1981 PINHEY E. A new Prodasineura Cowley from Zambia (Odonata Protoneuridae). p 69-72

Descritpion of both sexes of Prodasineura flavifacies spec.nov. from North Mwinilunga, N.W. Zambia. Near P. vittata (Selys) and P. odzalae Aguesse.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(6) 1981 PINHEY E. Notes on the distribution of Tetrathemis polleni (Selys) and a new subspecies of Zygonyx Torrida (Kirby)( Odonata : Libellulidae). p73-76

The distribution of Tetrathemis polleni is given and indicates that it is known in Continental Africa although Westerly records are sparse. A new subspecies, Zygonyx torrida insulana is also described.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(7) 1982 COOPER M.R. A Mid-Permian to earliest Jurassic Tetrapod biostratigraphy and its significance. p77-104

The striking similarities between the continental tetrapod faunas of Gondwanaland and Laurasia during the Mid-Permian to earliest Jurassic interval provide evidence for unhindered migration between the two land masses and … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(8) 1982 HANCOCK D.L. & GARDINER A.J. The Kedestes nerva group of species (Lepidoptera Hesperiidae). p 105-124

Eight species are recognized in the Kedestes nerva group and new species K. monostichus, K. michaeli, heathi and pinheyi are described for the first time. A key to the species … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(9) 1983 STEPHENS J.M. The Termites (Isoptera) of Sable Park, Kwekwe Zimbabwe

This paper lists the termites occurring in Sable Park,near Kwekwe, Zimbabwe together with the vegetation types, soil types and micro habitats in which they were found. Very basic descriptions of … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(10) 1983 HEATH A. Some new and little known Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera) from Zambia. p 145-164

Iolaus dianae, I. pamelae, I. poecilaon fisheri and Spindasis pinheyi are described and the females of I. ndolae and Pilodeudorix zelomima are also described. The status of Spindasis modesta is … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(11)1984 HANCOCK D.L. A review of the genus Euptera Staudinger (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae). p 165-179

Seven African species are recognized here in the genus Euptera Staudinger. A key to species is provided

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(12) 1984 HANCOCK D.L. The Princeps nireus group of Swallowtails (Lepidoptera Papilionidae) Systematics, Phylogeny and Biogeography. p 181-215

Fifteen species are recognized in the Princeps nireus group, an identification key to the males of all species is presented and the male genitalia of 14 illustrated. The occurrence of … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(13) 1984 AKESTER J. Further observations on the breeding of the Gaboon viper (Bitis g. gabonica) in captivity (Serpentes Viperidae). p 217-222

On 16 March 1984 in Harare, Zimbabwe a captive female Gaboon vipe,r Bitis gabonica gabonica, gave birth to a litter of 38 young. Details of courtship behaviour, mating, gestation and … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(14) 1984 JACKSON H.D. Variations in body mass of the Fierynecked Nightjar (Aves Caprimulgidae). p 223-230

A marked population of nightjars in Zimbabwe was studied for our breeding seasons. the capture/recapture programme provided 191 weights of adult nightjars of five species. Mean weights of adult Fierynecked … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(15) 1985 HANCOCK D.L. & HEATH A. A new species of Mylothris Hübner from Zambia (Lepidoptera Pieridae). p 231-237

Mylothris mavunda sp. nov. is described and figured from Mwinilunga district of north-western Zambia. It is placed in the sulphurea complex, close to M. basalis Aurivillius, and is recorded from … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(16) 1985 HANCOCK D.L. The type specimens of Lepidoptera described by R.H.R. Stevenson. p 239-250

The types of the 19 taxa of Lepidoptera described by R.H.R. Stevenson between 1934 and 1940 are discussed. Holoypes are recognised for 6 taxa and lectotypes are designated for 13 … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(17) 1985 LAMBIRIS A.J.L. A description of Strongylopus grayii rhodesianus tadpoles (Amphibia : Ranidae). p251-256

Tadpoles of Strongylopus grayii rhodesianus from Mount Inyangani, Zimbabwe, are described and differentiated from those of S. g. grayii, S. f. fasciatus, Rana johnstoni inyangae and R. angolensis.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(18) 1985 HEATH A. Revision of three Iolaus subgenera and descriptions of two new species of Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera) from Zambia. p257-266

Two new species of Lycaenidae, Iolaus (Argiolaus) stewartii sp.nov and Eicochrysops pinheyi sp. nov. are described and illustrated from Zambia. The subgenera Argiolaus, Iolaphilus and Philiolaus of Iolaus are discussed. … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(19) 1985 KIELLAND J. A preliminary check-list of the butterflies of Pemba Island, Tanzania. p 267-276

Eighty-nine species of butterflies are recorded from Pemba Island. Bebearia orientis insularis ssp. n. is described and illustrated and notes and illustrations are provided on Pentila tropicalis from the Island.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 9(20) 1985 MINSHULL J.L. A collection of fish from the Lower Okavango Swamp, Botswana, with comments on aspects of their ecology. p 277-290

The Boro River of the lower Okavango Swamp was visited in December 1983 during the low-water phase, 45 species of fish were collected near the Xaxaba Safari Camp. Observations were … Read more

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David Reason
David Reason
This is a fabulous treasure for Zimbabwe with around 7 separate galleries of very well presented exhibits such as geology, entomology, herpetology, African mammals, colonial history, local African tribes, astronomy, humankind and mycology (fungi). It also houses hundreds of thousands of specimens in around 10 Collections, including arachnids, Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), birds, snakes, plants and fungi - these Collections can be seen but by appointment only. The museum staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. There is an onsite café to pick up a snack or two and a public library of really interesting natural history books. There is also good info on the two World Heritage sites managed by the museum, these being the Matobo World View site and the Khami Ruins which are also magical places to go and visit!
Angel Bert
Angel Bert
It was lovely experience
Fritz Madida
Fritz Madida
Most fascinating collection of historical artefacrs
Thank you for the important information
Thabo Pricel
Thabo Pricel
Amaze balls
Nkosinathi Mdudo
Nkosinathi Mdudo
Such an amazing experience