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Arnoldia - Vol 10

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (1) 1993 MLOTSHWA D.H. Some observations on the ecology of the largescale yellowfish Barbus marequensis A. Smith, 1841 (Pisces : Cyprinidae) in Mpopoma Dam.1-18p

The Largescale yellowfish, Barbus marequensis, were collected in Mpopoma Dam, Matobo National Park, ZImbabwe from April 1987-March 1988. No marked difference in weight were noted between the sexes, although females … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (2) 1994 FITZPATRICK M. A new species of Eilica Keyserling,1891 from Zimbabwe (Araneae Gnaphosidae). 19-21p

Eilica giga a new species of Gnaphosidae collected southeast of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is described.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (3) 1994 FITZPATRICK M.J. A new species of Lychas C.L.Koch, 1845 from Zimbabwe (Scorpionida : Buthidae). p23-28

Lychas minshallae a new species of scorpion is described from Doddieburn Ranch, southern Zimbabwe.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (4) 1995 BROADLEY, D.G. A new species of Prosymna Gray (Serpentes Colubridae) from coastal forest in northeastern Tanzania. p29-32.

Prosymna semifasciata, a new species belonging to the Prosymna ambigua group is described from Kwamgumi Forest in northeastern Tanzania.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (5) 1996 MLOTSHWA D.H. The first record of Barbus mattozi Guimaraes, 1884 (Pisces Cyprinidae) from the Upper Zambezi River, Zimbabwe. p33-35

Two specimens of the papermouth Barbus mattozi are reported. These are the first recorded specimens for the Upper Zambezi system. Details of the specimens are reported.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (6) 1996 MUNYIKWA D. Description of the first dinosaur trackway found in Zimbabwe. p36-45.

The first dinosaur trackway to be discovered in Zimbabwe is described. It is located in a medium-grained sandstone which probably represents the uncomformity between the Upper Karoo and Jurassic-Cretaceous sediments. … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (7) 1996 FITZPATRICK M.J. The genus Uroplectes Peters,1861 in Zimbabwe (Scorpiones Buthidae). p47-70

Additional records of Uroplectes species in Zimbabwe are given and a key is given to species. Uroplectes ornatus is synonymised with Uroplectes flavoviridis, and Uroplectes triangulifer tristis, Uroplectes trianguifer flavidus … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (8) 1996 COTTERILL F.P.D. New distribution records of Insectivorous bats of the families Nycteridae, Rhinolophidae and Vespertilionidae (Microchiropter:Mammalia) in Zimbabwe. p71-89

The distribution of twelve species of insectivorous bats in Zimbabwe are reviewed in light of numerous new specimens which constitute significant range extensions. the first known specimen of Pipistrellus anchietai … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (9) 1996 COTTERILL F.P.D. New distribution records of free-tailed bats (Microchiroptera Molossidae) in Zimbabwe. p 91-102

New distribution records are presented for five species of Free-tailed bats from Zimbabwe; and many of the specimens examined constitute significant range extensions. These include the first known specimens of … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (10) 1996 VOLPERS T. A review of the genus Epomophorus Bennet, 1836 (Mammalia Megachiroptera) in Zimbabwe. p103-109.

The distribution of Epomophorus Bennett, 1936 in Zimbabwe was reviewed using available specimens in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe and published records. Distinguishing features of the genus are discussed.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (11) 1997 Broadley D.G. & Wallach V. A review of the worm snakes of Mozambique (Serpentes : Leptotyphlopidae) with the description of a new species. p111-119

The genus Leptotyphlops Fitzinger in Mozambique is reviewed on the basis of external morphology and visceral anatomy and a diagnostic key is provided.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (12) 1997 BROADLEY D.G. Diagnostic suprapygal patterns in the genus Psammobates Fitzinger (Chelonii : Testudinidae). p 121-126

The suprapygal pattern is shown to be diagnostic for the three species of Psammobates in Africa.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (13) 1997 MUNYIKWA D. Faunal analysis of Karoo-aged sediments in the Northern Limpopo Valley, Zimbabwe. p 129-140

The Karoo-aged sediments on the Sentinel ranch and Nottingham Estates, Limpopo Valley, Zimbabwe were analysed. Euskelosaurus, Massospondylus and rauisuchid fossils were found in the Mpandi formation.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (14) 1999 BROADLEY D.G. A new species of worm snake from Ethiopia (Serpentes Leptotyphlopidae). p 141-144

A distinctive new species of Leptotyphlops, perhaps the most primitive in the genus, is described on the basis of a single specimen from Degeh Bur, on the western edge of … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (15) 1999 Wesoɫowska, W. New and little known species of jumping spiders from Zimbabwe. p 145-176

Three new genera of Araneae are described, Cavillator, Monomotapa and Pignus, and twelve new species are described from Zimbabwe

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (16) 2001 FITZPATRICK M.J. The spider fauna of Zimbabwe (Arachnida : Araneae). p 177-188

A checklist is presented of 202 species of spider, from 32 families, which are known from published accounts to occur in Zimbabwe. References of these species are also given.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (17) 2001 COTTERILL F.P.D New distribution records of leaf-nosed bats (Microchiroptera Hipposideridae) in Zimbabwe. p 189-198

This paper reviews the distribution of the four species of leaf-nosed bats occurring in Zimbabwe: Cloeotis percivali, Hipposideros commersoni, H. caffer and Triaenops persicus based mainly on specimens in the … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (18) 2001 COTTERILL F.P.D. Further notes on large Afrotropical free-tailed bats of the genus Tadarida (Molossidae : Mammalia). p 199-210

The distribution, status and roosting behaviour of Tadarida fulminus, T. lobata and T. ventralis are reviewed in the light of new specimens from the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe collection.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (19) 2001 COTTERILL F.P.D. The first specimen of Thomas’s flat-headed bat, Mimetillus moloney thomasi (Microchiptera : Mammalia) in Southern Africa from Mozambique. p 211-218

This paper reports the unprecedented occurrence of the unusual vespertilionid bat, Mimetillus moloneyi thomasi, in Southern Africa based on a single specimen in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe collection.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (20) 2001 COTTERILL F.P.D. New specimens of lesser house bats (Vespertilionidae Scotoecus) from Mozambique and Zambia. p 219-224

Discoveries of new specimens of dark-winged Scotoecus from south central Africa expand the range of these vesper bats into western Zambia, and southern Mozambique.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (21) 2002 AMOS V. An annotated type list of the Arachnid, Centipede and Millipede specimens in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe. p225-230

An annotated list of 124 type specimens of Arachnids, Centipedes and Millipedes housed in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe is provided. This includes 20 Holotypes, 56 Paratypes, 3 Allotypes … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (22) 2005 BROADLEY D.G. Conservation of names in the Mehelya capensis complex (Serpentes Lamprophiinae). p231-234

The lost type specimen of Heterolepis capensis A. Smith appears to have been a female of the taxon now known as Mehelya capensis savorgnani (Mocquard, 1887). In order to stabilise … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (23) 2005 FITZPATRICK M.J. Three new species of Zelotine spiders from Africa (Araneae Gnaphosidae). p235-242

Three new species of Zelotine spiders from central and southern Africa are described:Camillina shaba from the D.R.C. Setaphis makalali from South Africa dn Urozelotes kabenge from Zambia.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10(24) 2006 BROADLEY D.G. A natural hybrid between the Puffadder and Gaboon viper from Zimbabwe (Serpentes Viperidae). p 243-248.

A wild-caught hybrid between the Puffadder Bitis arietans and Gaboon viper Bitis gabonica was caught near the eastern border of Zimbabwe in 1992 and kept in captivity at Harare for … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (25) 2005 MWABVU T. New records and localities of Spirostrepid Millipedes (Myriapoda : Diplopoda) of Zimbabwe with notes on nomenclatural changes and habitat. p 249-256

This note presents new records and localities of spirostreptid millipedes in Zimbabwe. Since Hamer’s (1998) checklist two new species of Bicoxidens have been described, a new record of Archispirostreptus tumuliporus … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (26) 2006 MARSHALL B.E. A checklist of the fishes of Lake kariba (Zimbabwe/Zambia). p 257-274

This paper presents a checklist of 45 fishes recorded from Lake Kariba, a large man-made lake on the middle Zambezi River (Zimbabwe/Zambia), five of which were introduced.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (27) 2010 BROADLEY D.G. Catalogue of Type specimens of Reptiles and Amphibians in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe. p275-306

A check-list of the 93 primary types (holotypes and syntypes) and 963 paratypes, representing 137 taxa, held in the collections of the Department of Herpetology,Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe. An … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (28) 2011 BROADLEY D.G & WILSON V.J. The Reptiles and Amphibians of the Matobo hills, Zimbabwe. p309-340

An annotated checklist of the 77reptile and 27 amphibian species recorded from the Matobo Hills in southwestern Zimbabwe, together with ecological data, is followed by a series of synoptic keys.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (29) 2014 D.G. A new species of Causus Lichtenstein from the Congo/Zambezi watershed in north-western Zambia (Reptilia : Squamata : Viperidae). p341-350

A study of all the available material of Causus rhombeatus (Lichtenstein) from Zambia and Katanga in the Democratic republic of the Congo indicates that three specimens from along the Congo/Zambezi … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (30) 2014 BROADLEY D.G., WADE E. & WALLACH V. A new species of Myriopholis from Ghat Oasis, south-western Libya (Squamata : Leptotyphlopidae). p351-359

Myriopholis lanzai is described from the Ghat Oasis in the Fezzan, south-western Libya. It is closely related to M. macrorhynchus with which it has previously been confused, M cairi and … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (31) HOPKINS R.W. Description of the Tadpole of Tomopterna marmorata (Peters, 1854) Anura : Pyxiecephalidae. p360-367

A description of the tadpole of Tomopterna marmorata (Peters, 1854) is given based on specimens at various Gosner stages 25-28 collected from the Dibu-Dibu River north-western Zimbabwe.

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (32) 2018 FITZPATRICK M.J. & SEBATA S. Description of the female of Ibala minshullae (Araneae : Gnaphosidae). p 368-371

The genus Ibala was described and revised in 2009 and the description of Ibala minshullae FitzPatrick based on a single specimen was included. During extensive field work at Debshan Ranch, … Read more

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (33) 2018 FITZPATRICK M.J. Seasonal activity patterns of Blossia falcifera Kraepelin 1908 (Arachnida : Solufugae : Daesiidae) in a suburban. p 372-376

Blossia falcifera Kraepelin 1908 were caught in pitfall traps over a 13 month period in a suburban garden in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Although individuals were caught throughout the year the highest … Read more

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David Reason
This is a fabulous treasure for Zimbabwe with around 7 separate galleries of very well presented exhibits such as geology, entomology, herpetology, African mammals, colonial history, local African tribes, astronomy, humankind and mycology (fungi). It also houses hundreds of thousands of specimens in around 10 Collections, including arachnids, Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), birds, snakes, plants and fungi - these Collections can be seen but by appointment only. The museum staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. There is an onsite café to pick up a snack or two and a public library of really interesting natural history books. There is also good info on the two World Heritage sites managed by the museum, these being the Matobo World View site and the Khami Ruins which are also magical places to go and visit!
Angel Bert
Angel Bert
It was lovely experience
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Fritz Madida
Most fascinating collection of historical artefacrs
Thank you for the important information
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Thabo Pricel
Amaze balls
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Nkosinathi Mdudo
Such an amazing experience