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Matobo Hills World Heritage Site

Matobo Hills World Heritage SiteLying south of Bulawayo, the Matobo Hills or Matopos consist of a broken and ancient, rocky landscape with a unique natural and social heritage.

It has one of the highest concentrations of prehistoric rock paintings in Southern Africa, while the hills are still a focus for local community shrines and sacred places. It is the home of the regional oracular cult of the High God, Mwari(Chishona) or Mlimo (siNdebele), whose voice is said to be heard from the rocks.

The Matobo Hills feature in many of the important historical events that have shaped the modern nation of Zimbabwe. There are battle sites, graves, ruins and relics that date back thousands of years through to recent events.

As such this cultural landscape is one of the most important in the country; it captures the soul of the nation.

Matobo Hills Declared a World Heritage Site

In 2003 it was declared a World Heritage Site. NMMZ as one of the custodians of this landscape oversees several of these sites; more especially Bambata, Pomongwe, Nswatugi and White Rhino painted caves as well as World’s View where several prominent colonial personalities are buried.

There is also a small site museum at Pomongwe Cave that covers some of the fascinating heritage of the hills and its people.

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