Interesting butterflies from Rhodesia by Elliot Pinhey, National Museum, Bulawayo.

The type of this remarkable species was collected at Bihe, Angola.

Notes of some southern Rhodesian microchiroptera by David. L. Harrison.

A large number of bat specimens collected in southern Rhodesia sent to the author for determination by Mr Reay h.N Smithers.

The st. Helena dragonfly by Elliot Pinhey, National Museum, Bulawayo.

Less than a dozen specimens have been recorded in literature. The only species known from st. Helena and for the genus Sympetrum Newman.

Limitations of horn height as index to aging the common duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) by Thane Riney, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources, Morges, Switzerland and Graham Child, National Museum, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.

The extent to which horns could be use in the field as a way of assigning age-classes to common duiker.

Arnoldia Rhodesia Volume One

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