Natural History Museum Of Zimbabwe

Arnoldia Zimbabwe Vol 10 (1) 1993 MLOTSHWA D.H. Some observations on the ecology of the largescale yellowfish Barbus marequensis A. Smith, 1841 (Pisces : Cyprinidae) in Mpopoma Dam.1-18p

The Largescale yellowfish, Barbus marequensis, were collected in Mpopoma Dam, Matobo National Park, ZImbabwe from April 1987-March 1988. No marked difference in weight were noted between the sexes, although females tend to live longer. Maximum body length of males is 46cm and females 51cm. The overall sex ratio was 1:1 and the onset of spawning coincides with the rainy season. Gut contents indicates an omnivorous diet of aquatic insects, planktonic crustacea and vegetable matter.