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Donate to the Friends of the Museum

Current projects that the Friends of the Museum and well wishers can support are:

  • Assistance with lighting in the galleries
  • Recovering of the benches in the lecture hall (Newman Hall)
  • Replacement of the carpet in the geology galleries
  • Mounting of a live display on the poisonous snakes of Zimbabwe and revamp of the permanent Herpetology displays
  • New Geological Time Scale Display around courtyard
  • New Hippo Display
  • New updated History of Zimbabwe display
  • Revamping of Khami site Museum
  • Revamping of Pomongwe Site Museum
  • Fixing of the Natural History Museum roof

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The following need to be thanked for their support already offered to the Museum:

  • BirdLife Zimbabwe
  • Casmyn Mine
  • Chippies Furnishings and Fittings
  • John Minshull
  • Old Nic Mine
  • PPC Zimbabwe
  • Mrs. Sharon Smith
  • Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ)
  • John Pocock (Pvt) Ltd
  • Mr. Philips
  • Gary Beets, Gator
  • George Boswell
  • Mr. E. Finaughty
  • Dunlop Zimbabwe (Pvt.) Ltd

The following have contributed towards a new carpet in the geology galleries:

  • Old Nic Mine
  • Brendan Mitchell
  • Davis Granite
  • Mine Machines (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Tiger Brake and Clutch (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Hillside Hardware
  • ACOL Chemical Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd
  • ManSED (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Acacia Insurance Consultants
  • Haggie Rand Zimbabwe (Pvt.) Ltd
  • J. Mann & company (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Tristar Motors
  • Gas Centre
  • Camp Amalinda
  • Hurricane Auto Body Parts
  • Daro Distributors (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Generator Services
  • Puma Electrical Wholesalers
  • Paint World (Pvt.) Ltd

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