Current projects that the Friends of the Museum and well wishers can support are:

Assistance with lighting in the galleries
Recovering of the benches in the lecture hall (Newman Hall)
Replacement of the carpet in the geology galleries
Mounting of a live display on the poisonous snakes of Zimbabwe and revamp of the permanent Herpetology displays
New Geological Time Scale Display around courtyard
New Hippo Display
New updated History of Zimbabwe display
Revamping of Khami site Museum
Revamping of Pomongwe Site Museum
Fixing of the Natural History Museum roof

If you wish to make a Donation to
the Friends of the Museum, please click below

The following need to be thanked for their support already offered to the Museum:

  • BirdLife Zimbabwe
  • Casmyn Mine
  • Chippies Furnishings and Fittings
  • John Minshull
  • Old Nic Mine
  • PPC Zimbabwe
  • Mrs. Sharon Smith
  • Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ)
  • John Pocock (Pvt) Ltd
  • Mr. Philips
  • Gary Beets, Gator
  • George Boswell
  • Mr. E. Finaughty
  • Dunlop Zimbabwe (Pvt.) Ltd

The following have contributed towards a new carpet in the geology galleries:

  • Old Nic Mine
  • Brendan Mitchell
  • Davis Granite
  • Mine Machines (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Tiger Brake and Clutch (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Hillside Hardware
  • ACOL Chemical Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd
  • ManSED (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Acacia Insurance Consultants
  • Haggie Rand Zimbabwe (Pvt.) Ltd
  • J. Mann & company (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Tristar Motors
  • Gas Centre
  • Camp Amalinda
  • Hurricane Auto Body Parts
  • Daro Distributors (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Generator Services
  • Puma Electrical Wholesalers
  • Paint World (Pvt.) Ltd