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David Reason
David Reason
This is a fabulous treasure for Zimbabwe with around 7 separate galleries of very well presented exhibits such as geology, entomology, herpetology, African mammals, colonial history, local African tribes, astronomy, humankind and mycology (fungi). It also houses hundreds of thousands of specimens in around 10 Collections, including arachnids, Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), birds, snakes, plants and fungi - these Collections can be seen but by appointment only. The museum staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. There is an onsite café to pick up a snack or two and a public library of really interesting natural history books. There is also good info on the two World Heritage sites managed by the museum, these being the Matobo World View site and the Khami Ruins which are also magical places to go and visit!
Angel Bert
Angel Bert
It was lovely experience
Fritz Madida
Fritz Madida
Most fascinating collection of historical artefacrs
Thank you for the important information
Thabo Pricel
Thabo Pricel
Amaze balls
Nkosinathi Mdudo
Nkosinathi Mdudo
Such an amazing experience