In order to feed a Lanner falcon, Falco biarmicus, it was necessary to provide a diet containing roughage in the form of the feathered carcasses. The red eyed dove was…

Observations are recorded on the courtship and copulation behaviour in three different family groups of warthog seen in Wankie national park.

Some aspects of the life history and behaviour of the banded mongoose, (mungos mungo) are presented.

These structures have apparently remained undescribed in r. Sharpei.This paper is based on examination of two juveniles from fort Jameson.

As far as the writer is aware the occurrence of figures sleeping under skins or blankets has never been recorded in detail in southern Africa.

Roan, Hippotragus equinus, and sable antelope, h.Niger, which were studied in 3 tsetse control hunting areas in Rhodesia are both almost exclusive grazers of perennial grasses.

Small phyllopod crustacea of the kind which used to be called Estheria occur sporadically in the Karroo system but so far none have previously been found in northern Rhodesia.

The distribution of large mammals in southern Rhodesia is imperfectly known and this paper aims at a preliminary assessment of the geographical ranges occupied by most large species found in…