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Benson and White (1960:208), mention the broken distribution of the Bronze-naped Pigeon Columba delegorguei.

The industry found in the lower cave earth at the base of Bambata cavein Rhodhesia was named the Proto-Stillbay by the late Dr.Neville Jones (1940) after a site some 1600…

Data on kudu, obtained from game utilisation and tsetse control game elimination programmes, is examined and the tooth replacement order is given.

The Fawn-colourred Lark Mirafra africanoides is a common species of the dry interior of southern Africa, extending marginally and less numerously into all periperal regions, even ranging onto the littoral…

Types: Holotype; a mature female in the Umtali Museum, Rhodesia (UM9863), collected at Inyangani Mountain, Inyanga district, Rhodesia, at about 7500 feet, by Messrs.d.G. Broadley and D.KBlake, 19th November, 1965.

Relatively little has been published to date on the smaller carnivores in Africa and indeed the autecology of many of these animals is practically unknown.

This first paper of this series appeared in Arnoldia (Rhodesia) Vol, 2 number 12 on the 6th January, 1966 and dealt with the Rhodesian Stone Age. This paper deals with…

In the true Bagworm moth family (Psychidae) the larvae construct their cases out of thorns, pieces of twigs, leaves, inflorescences or debris.

Lichtenstein's hartbeest, Alcelaphus Lichtensteini, were hunted as part of tsetse control measures in the Chipangali area of the Fort Jameson district of eastern Zambia from 142-159 and removed from the…

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