Recent discussions concerning the date of the introduction of smoking into Africa have served to demonstrate how little is known about the date of early pipes and of their probable…

Eye-lens weights are being used increasingly for ageing small and medium-sized mammals and this note discusses their use for determining the ages of Wart hog.

Recent collecting in southern Barotseland has resulted in the obtaining of material of a previously undescribed form of clapper lark.

White(1959), has discussed nomadism in certain African larks, and this seems also to apply to eremopterix verticalis, largely confined to the south-western arid zone of Southern Africa.

Klipspringer were hunted as part of tsetse control measures in the fort Jameson district of Zambia between January 1962 and December 1963.

The Karoo system of south and central Africa spanned the period upper carboniferous to Jurassic.The picture that is beginning to emerge of sedimentation in this period shows a very large…

One of the aims of the Umtali museum expedition to northern Mozambique in November-December 1964, was to discover whether Platysaurus occurred in the area.

The Umtali museum expedition to south Malawi and Tete in December 1962 collected a single specimen of what was clearly an undescribed species of chameleon.