Natural History Museum Of Zimbabwe

Arnoldia - Vol 10

Table of Contents

The Largescale yellowfish, Barbus marequensis, were collected in Mpopoma Dam, Matobo National Park, ZImbabwe from April 1987-March 1988. No marked difference in weight were noted between the sexes, although females…

Eilica giga a new species of Gnaphosidae collected southeast of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is described.

Lychas minshallae a new species of scorpion is described from Doddieburn Ranch, southern Zimbabwe.

Prosymna semifasciata, a new species belonging to the Prosymna ambigua group is described from Kwamgumi Forest in northeastern Tanzania.

Two specimens of the papermouth Barbus mattozi are reported. These are the first recorded specimens for the Upper Zambezi system. Details of the specimens are reported.

The first dinosaur trackway to be discovered in Zimbabwe is described. It is located in a medium-grained sandstone which probably represents the uncomformity between the Upper Karoo and Jurassic-Cretaceous sediments.…

Additional records of Uroplectes species in Zimbabwe are given and a key is given to species. Uroplectes ornatus is synonymised with Uroplectes flavoviridis, and Uroplectes triangulifer tristis, Uroplectes trianguifer flavidus…

The distribution of twelve species of insectivorous bats in Zimbabwe are reviewed in light of numerous new specimens which constitute significant range extensions. the first known specimen of Pipistrellus anchietai…

New distribution records are presented for five species of Free-tailed bats from Zimbabwe; and many of the specimens examined constitute significant range extensions. These include the first known specimens of…

The distribution of Epomophorus Bennett, 1936 in Zimbabwe was reviewed using available specimens in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe and published records. Distinguishing features of the genus are discussed.

The genus Leptotyphlops Fitzinger in Mozambique is reviewed on the basis of external morphology and visceral anatomy and a diagnostic key is provided.

The Karoo-aged sediments on the Sentinel ranch and Nottingham Estates, Limpopo Valley, Zimbabwe were analysed. Euskelosaurus, Massospondylus and rauisuchid fossils were found in the Mpandi formation.

A distinctive new species of Leptotyphlops, perhaps the most primitive in the genus, is described on the basis of a single specimen from Degeh Bur, on the western edge of…

Three new genera of Araneae are described, Cavillator, Monomotapa and Pignus, and twelve new species are described from Zimbabwe

A checklist is presented of 202 species of spider, from 32 families, which are known from published accounts to occur in Zimbabwe. References of these species are also given.

This paper reviews the distribution of the four species of leaf-nosed bats occurring in Zimbabwe: Cloeotis percivali, Hipposideros commersoni, H. caffer and Triaenops persicus based mainly on specimens in the…

The distribution, status and roosting behaviour of Tadarida fulminus, T. lobata and T. ventralis are reviewed in the light of new specimens from the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe collection.

This paper reports the unprecedented occurrence of the unusual vespertilionid bat, Mimetillus moloneyi thomasi, in Southern Africa based on a single specimen in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe collection.

Discoveries of new specimens of dark-winged Scotoecus from south central Africa expand the range of these vesper bats into western Zambia, and southern Mozambique.

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