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Natural History Museum in Bulawayo

The Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe is one of the best in Southern Africa. It contains displays and collections of incredible diversity for casual visitors, students and researchers.

We offer guided tours, periodic talks, and conservation clubs.

The ground floor showcases a variety of fauna ranging from large to small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds. The diversity of Zimbabwean fauna is displayed in both a walk-through gallery as well as many stunning panorama displays. The museum has  many special exhibits including the second largest ever mounted African elephant, a Dodo egg and one of the first ever caught Coelacanth – a pre-historic fish species.

The geology gallery covers the origins of the earth and has a comprehensive display on the mineral and crystal wealth of Zimbabwe.

The paleontology section discusses aspects of pre-historic life forms including an impression of Syntarsus a uniquely Zimbabwe dinosaur.

The upper floors takes one back in time through the development of man, ancient rock art, Stone Age and Iron Age history to the more modern colonial experience all of which make up the history of Zimbabwe.

The invertebrate gallery, also on the top floor, provides an opportunity to understand the intriguing and secret lives of our diverse insect and invertebrate fauna.

Our temporary exhibition area is periodically revamped both by our own curators as well as academics from other institutions.

The Museum offers its visitor a unique opportunity to discovery Zimbabwe’s past and present and to experience its cultural and natural heritage all under one roof. It is also a renowned home of research, housing some of the largest collections and most extensive of Natural History in Africa.

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